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A week in Chicago in tweets and pictures: from Sunday 25th October to Sunday 1st November 2009

Posted by payre sur 2009/11/02

This is the 2nd blog post of what I tweeted while in Chicago with more details on what I did there.

SUNDAY 25th October 2009

Morning dedicated to walk along Michigan Lake and then Best Buy shop : is it worth buying a $299 Sony Reader Touch ? Tested Windows 7 too on a laptop.

Afternoon in an Ecuadorian-American family. American dinner with turkey and sweet potatoes. Carrot cake and pumpkin pie for dessert.

MONDAY 26th October 2009

Spent the day at the Science and Industry Museum in Hyde Park south Chicago. Visited the German U-boat U-505 which was caputured by American forces in 1944.

3 pictures taken at the Science and Industry Museum:

1 Stuka

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

1 Supermarine Spitfire

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

1 unidentified jet close to the Vought Crusader in shape (if someone recognize it, please let me know in the comments of this blog post)

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

Monday evening: burger at Bar Louie

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

next to Wrigley Field, the Chicago Cubs baseball team’s stadium.

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

TUESDAY 27th October 2009

done today tuesday:
– eaten at the top of the John Hancock center
Picture of this skycraper and picture taken from its highest floor:

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

– visited Adler planetarium and Shedd aquarium.
Skyline taken from the Adler planetarium

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

– Dinner at Yang Yang chinese restaurant on Roosevelt street (south side of Chicago)

later in the evening I installed Android 1.6 donut over the air on my HTC Magic

WEDNESDAY 28th October 2009

early morning thought
What is good in the US is that I feel slim compared to the fat people I see in the streets. And I can find my size for clothes in the shops.

at noon, my parents and I made a cruise on the Chicago river to the the skycrapers’ architecture
Pictures of the cruise:

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

Lunch at Chicago cultural centre with free wifi :-)

Saw the « bean »

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

Chicago architecture’s Foundation walking tour with audioguides in the Loop.

Back at Chicago cultural center before shopping.

Ce jour là j’ai fait une folie au Niketown de Chicago : j’ai acheté un pantalon Tiger Woods à 150 $. Plus sage : 2 pantalons achetés à Gap sur le magnificent mile.

THURSDAY 29th October 2009

morning at Navy Pier

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

Skyline from Navy Pier

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois
From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

in Illinois the licence plates are customized with the baseline/motto/slogan « Land of Lincoln »:

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

I saw one vanity plate too (on a pharmacist’s car).

Picnic lunch at Chicago cultural with free wi-fi.

visited the Art Institute with French impressionists.

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

The most famous US paiting

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois
From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

There is actually a statue of it on Michigan avenue.

At 7 pm started the NBA Basket ball match Chicago Bulls vs San Antonio Spurs at United Center. All the pictures taken there are on this Picasa album

2009 10 29 Chicago Bulls vs San Antonion Spurs @ United Center

2 videos taken before the match:

Tony Parker called and his entrance on the « parquetry »:

Chicago Bulls’ famous music theme

victoire des Chicago Bulls sur les San Antonio Spurs malgre les 20+ pts de Tim Duncan impressionnant. Joakim Noah etait dans le 5 majeur mais Derrick Rose etait plus populaire à l’applaudimètre.


réveil dans la nuit à 5h à Chicago, 11h en France.

visited the Chicago History museum between 11am and 3pm. audioguides where iPods! Interesting guided tour on Lincoln too.

Shopping in the afternoon: book at Borders, iPod Touch and iPod nano at Apple store

Album of pictures made at Chicago’s Apple store: MacBook Pro and the new iMac 27 inches

2009 10 30 Apple store Chicago

Dinner in the evening at Galapagos café, an Japanese-Ecuadorian restaurant

SATURDAY 31st October 2009

last 3 pictures of Chicago; the skyline far on the horizon from the airport

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

and the Airbus A340 we took from O’Hare to Madrid Barajas

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois
From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

SUNDAY 1st November 2009

Landed safely in Lyon Satolas St Exupery at 11:30 am. I did not sleep since Saturday morning.

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A week in Chicago in tweets and pictures: Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th October 2009

Posted by payre sur 2009/11/01

Here is what I tweeted while in Chicago with more details on what I did there.

THURSDAY 22nd October 2009

petite pluie et nuit noire sur Lyon
7:11 PM Oct 22nd from twidroid

FRIDAY 23rd October 2009

Twidroid 2.6 installed on my android phone.
6:45 AM Oct 23rd from twidroid

I have notifications that there is a newer release but its installation is not compulsory it seems.

last tweet from Lyon Satolas St Exupery airport France :
about to board the flight to Madrid. And then Chicago!
6:48 AM Oct 23rd from twidroid

Petit récit du voyage :
– avion Lyon-Madrid Barajas (wifi payant à l’aéroport)
– avion Madrid-Chicago avec survol du plateau espagnol sec et de l’immense fleuve St Laurent (dès que mon père aura mis ses photos sur PicasaWeb, je signalerai le lien sur mes comptes twitter et facebook).

Vu le long de la Blue line de O’Hare à : dépaysement avec limousines, SUV et drapeaux américains aux fenêtres des maisons en briques rouges comme en nouvelle Angleterre (côte est des Etats-Unis).

finally arrived in Chicago (north of the Loop and close to the lake) after 2 planes, 1 train/tube and 1 bus. 7pm in Chicago, 2 am in France!
around 7 PM Oct 23th from web

Here is a picture of the train/tube/subway on the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) Blue line that prove that these trains are built by the French company Alstom transportation (they have a subsidiary in Napperville near Chicago, Illinois)

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

21h40 à Chicago, 4h40 heures du matin en France, je vais enfin me coucher après une journée de 24h sans dormir (Should I feel like Jack Bauer?)

SATURDAY 24th October 2009

small change on facebook homepage: the status bar is more simple
réveil presque à l’heure française : 13h GMT+1 / 6h Chicago time

Je suis monté en haut de la Sears tower à Chicago.

Pictures taken at the top of the Sears Tower (highest building in Chicago and America) just before nightfall:

From 2009 10 23 Chicago, Illinois

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What to visit and do in Chicago, Illinois ?

Posted by payre sur 2009/10/24

Je suis à Chicago pour la semaine et cherche des trucs à y faire.
Voici ce que j’ai déjà noté mais suis ouvert à toute critique / recommendations autres :


– Art Institute ?
– Science Industry Museum

– Chicago History Museum
– Hanckok (?) tower avec restaurant ou Sears tower
– tour en bateau sur le lac
– Navy Pier
– match des Chicago Bulls (je vais voir les Bulls contre les Spurs mais ne sais pas comment me rendre au United Centre en bus)

– Best Buy pour acheter du matériel électronique
– GameStop pour acheter des jeux d’occasion
– je cherche des chaines de magasins de vêtements qui ont des boutiques aux Etats-Unis pour acheter des fringues moins chères.

Many thanks, dites moi si vous voulez que je vous ramène des trucs (iPod, eBook…).

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